The intuitive interface gives you the ability to page through content, search for terms, and link to other websites.
Among its many advantages, the content reader has a wider online viewing screen. Right and left arrows allow you to go to the
previous pages and the next pages in the publications. The right and left arrows on the keyboard can be used to page through the
content as well. For quick navigation, you can select pages at the bottom of the screen or use page navigation. Page navigation
matches the print page numbers of the publication. Enter a page number in the upper right corner and select “GO.”
Sidebar Menu
A sidebar menu that has a slide-out feature that makes options handy when needed, yet out of the way when not.
The Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons allow content to be increased or decreased in size according to the user’s own preference.
The Contents button allows for easy online navigation of a publication’s Table of Contents right within the online reader. Simply
click the Contents button, and then click on a heading or subheading to bring you directly to those sections. Click a plus sign
to expand a heading level to reveal its subheadings. In the reader, you can also select the Document Details button at the top,
which will bring you to Table of Contents pages. There is no Contents button for the newsletter PayState Update since it does not
contain a Table of Contents for each issue.
The Extract button allows users to extract the text from the page currently displayed in the online content reader. This can be
useful if you wish to copy a portion of text and paste it into a Word document.
The Print button allows users to print a specially formatted version of the page that is being viewed. The browser’s print dialog
automatically pops up. The page image is sized so that it will fit within a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper, regardless of the size and
orientation of the original. And resolution is set to deliver a crisp printout.
Go to a specific page
Right arrow takes you
to the next page
Left arrow takes you to the previous page
Zoom out
Zoom in
Print more
than one page
Navigates to
table of contents
Content Navigation
Content is viewed in an online reader.
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