1 | bookshelf.americanpayroll.org APA BOOKSHELF Frequently Asked Questions LINK FOR APA BOOKSHELF: https://bookshelf.americanpayroll.org/ Q. Is the website for the APA Bookshelf on the APA website? A. Yes. You can find a link for the APA Bookshelf on the APA home page at the top. Links to the APA Bookshelf are also in the Directory by Category, Alphabetical Directory, and under both the “Compliance” and “News & Resources” tabs under the heading Books & Products. The direct link for the APA Bookshelf is https://bookshelf.americanpayroll.org, which you can bookmark or add to your favorite sites using your web browser. PRODUCTS Q. What is the difference between Payroll Source Plus® and The Payroll Source® Online? A. Payroll Source Plus® is APA’s online, subscription-based payroll reference library. It contains four publications The Payroll Source®, Federal Payroll Tax Laws & Regulations, Federal Payroll Non-Tax Laws & Regulations, and APA’s Guide to State Payroll Laws and a subscription to the e-newsletter PayState Update. The Payroll Source® Online is an electronic subscription-based version of The Payroll Source® only. Q. What do I receive on the APA Bookshelf if I am an APA member? A. All APA members receive Payroll Currently as a membership benefit. Payroll Currently is a monthly electronic newsletter covering federal payroll compliance news and issues. Every issue of Payroll Currently includes “Inside Washington” the latest news from the APA’s Government Relations office on lobbying efforts and other actions along with a topical index. All other publications and subscriptions on the APA Bookshelf are available for purchase. OFFLINE FUNCTIONALITY Q. Is there offline functionality for the APA Bookshelf? A. The APA Bookshelf is an internet-based product, so you must be connected to the internet and must be logged in with your APA ID or User Name and password for access. The core publications of Payroll Source Plus® are updated and require an online connection with your APA User Name and password. These include The Payroll Source®, APA’s Guide to State Payroll Laws, Federal Payroll Tax Laws & Regulations, and Federal Payroll Non-Tax Laws & Regulations. There are some static publications on the APA Bookshelf (generally added annually and not updated throughout the year) that can be downloaded and accessed offline. Static downloadable publications with offline functionality include The Payroll Source® study guide version, Payroll Practice Fundamentals, APA’s Guide to Local Payroll Taxes, APA’s Guide to Federal and State Garnishment Laws, and APA’s Guide to Federal and State Wage & Hour Laws. Payroll Currently and PayState Update are newsletters published monthly and biweekly, respectively. Caution: Because these publications are not updated during the year (once published), readers using these publications must check to ensure that the content has not been updated since the date of publication. UPDATES Q. How often are updates made to the publications on the APA Bookshelf? A. Many of the publications are updated throughout the year, generally on a quarterly basis, or as needed based on major changes to laws, regulations, and guidance. This includes The Payroll Source®, APA’s Guide to State Payroll Laws, Federal FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS APA BOOKSHELF
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