3 www.AmericanPayroll.org Frequently Asked Questions ARCHIVES Q. Does APA maintain previous editions of its publications? A. Generally, only the current year publications are available. The previous year’s edition of The Payroll Source® study guide version is available until July 1 of the current year. The previous year’s issues of the newsletters are also available (for example, throughout 2019, all of the 2018 issues of Payroll Currently and PayState Update are available in 2020, all the 2019 issues will remain available). INTERNET BROWSER Q. Does the APA Bookshelf perform better using a particular internet browser? A. There are many web browsers. The most commonly used ones include Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. You can use any of the major web browsers in a reasonably current version (check the numeric version of your browser). APA does not recommend one browser over the other. However, in our use and testing of the platform, our staff generally uses Chrome and Firefox. There may be issues if you use Internet Explorer. DEVICE USE Q. Can I use the APA Bookshelf on my computer and smartphone? A. Yes. You can use the APA Bookshelf on your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. This makes it very easy to access whether you are in the office or working from a different location, such as an offsite meeting or home office. Be advised that you cannot use the APA Bookshelf on more than two devices at the same time. Otherwise, the system thinks multiple users are trying to access it and will lock you out when you try to access it from a third device. PRINTING Q. Can I print from the online publications? A. Yes. You can print directly from the e-reader or you can download and print certain publications, including The Payroll Source® study guide version, APA’s Guide to Local Payroll Taxes, APA’s Guide to Federal and State Garnishment Laws, APA’s Guide to Federal and State Wage & Hour Laws, Payroll Currently, and PayState Update. For more information about printing, see page 4 of the How to Use the APA Bookshelf guide at https://bookshelf. americanpayroll.org/how-to-use-apas-ebook-platform/4. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, RENEWAL, AND COST Q. Does my annual one-year subscription start at the beginning of a calendar year (January 1), when I purchase it, or when I first use it? A. Your one-year subscription begins when you purchase it. It is not based on the calendar year or when you first start using your subscription. For example, if you purchased your subscription on July 1, 2019, but do not use it until July 5, 2019, you will have access through June 30, 2020. Q. How do I know the expiration date for my subscription? A. You can consult your purchase email or call APA Customer Service. Soon there will be a new feature called “My Subscriptions” so that you can easily find the expiration date for your subscriptions.
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