5 www.americanpayroll.org Q. I’m considering a purchase of Payroll Source Plus® or Federal and State Payroll Compliance Resource. Is there any way to try them out first? A. Yes. APA offers a 30-day free trial of Payroll Source Plus® and Federal and State Payroll Compliance Resource. These free trials are accessed through the APA Bookshelf and are limited to one per customer. Q. Is the purchase price for a subscription a one-time fee? A. No. Your purchase price gives you access to one year of the subscription service. If you purchased Payroll Source Plus®, Federal and State Payroll Compliance Resource, or any of the standalone products, including The Payroll Source® Online, you will have access to the publication(s), along with the content updates that are made during that one-year period at no extra charge. This is similar to other online payroll publications in the industry. Q. Can I share my subscription? A. No. When you purchase a subscription, you are buying an individual or single-user license in accordance with APA’s intellectual property protection policy. See the separate Terms and Conditions of Use. You are using your APA ID or User Name and password to log in and you will see that stamped on your file along with the APA copyright to protect against use infringement. Q. How do I justify the cost of Payroll Source Plus® to my employer? A. APA offers Payroll Source Plus®, an online payroll compliance and research-ready library, at a competitive and affordable price for payroll professionals. Online competitor publications are typically two to three times this cost. At APA, we have a unique combination of expert staff who contribute to the publications. Our staff attorneys research, write, and update the publications. Our Government Relations team works directly with government agency leaders and lawmakers, making sure we have the latest information, and the payroll impact is known. Finally, our expert payroll trainers, who are all payroll practitioners, explain the practical impact of compliance requirements, with detailed examples. With this dedicated team all contributing their first-hand knowledge and expertise, we feel the quality and value of the products is far superior to competing products. APA members receive the largest discount. To receive an even deeper discount, you should consider the multi-user licenses for three or more people at the same company or in the same local chapter (prices decrease the more licenses you buy). When you renew your subscription to Payroll Source Plus® before the expiration date, the cost is reduced by 15%. You could also consider alternative products that do not cost as much, like Federal and State Payroll Compliance Resource or The Payroll Source® Online. MULTI-USER LICENSES Q. How do I purchase Payroll Source Plus®, The Payroll Source® Online, or Federal and State Payroll Compliance Resource for multiple people? A. For significant cost savings, a multi-user license is available for three or more people at the same company or in the same local chapter. This is a smart option for payroll departments and other groups, including local chapters. APA members receive the largest discount and will pay less than half the cost of a regular subscription if they have three or more users. Only the purchaser of the multi-user license needs to be an APA member to receive the member price for all users in the group. For example, if you have three people buying a multi-user license: one member and two nonmembers all three will each pay the member price as long as the APA member places the order. Each person uses his or her own APA ID or User Name and password to access his or her own subscription. APA BOOKSHELF Frequently Asked Questions
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