6 www.americanpayroll.org TRANSFERRING SUBSCRIPTIONS Q. What happens if I have a one-year subscription and I leave my company? Do I still have the subscription or does it stay with my company? A. It depends on who purchased the one-year subscription. If it was a personal purchase, then the subscription stays with you and you can continue to use your APA ID or username and your password to log into My Bookshelf. However, if your company purchased the subscription, it may request a transfer of the subscription from you to another employee. The company should contact APA Customer Service. FPC OR CPP EXAM PREPARATION Q. Can I use The Payroll Source® Online to study for the CPP exam? A. Yes. By using The Payroll Source® Online, you can get an overview of the key topic areas on the CPP exam. Sections 1-14 of the The Payroll Source cover payroll topics. At the end of each section there are Review Questions and Exercises, which contain true or false questions and multiple choice questions to test your payroll knowledge. Some sections contain practice problems for you to solve. Section 15 helps payroll professionals prepare for the CPP exam. This section also contains four practice tests that each have 25 sample questions, for a total of 100 sample questions. There are bonus CPP practice questions and answers only available online. Remember that a number of study aids are available as additional preparation for the CPP exam. No one study tool should be considered the only basis for exam preparation. Q. Is Payroll Source Plus® included if I am taking an FPC or CPP Boot Camp? A. Payroll Source Plus® is not included in APA’s FPC and CPP Boot Camp courses but can be purchased separately. If you are an APA member, then you have access to Payroll Currently and its features on the APA Bookshelf as a benefit of APA membership. MORE INFORMATION Q. What APA Bookshelf resources are available? A. Resources to help you get the most out of the APA Bookshelf include: How to Use the APA Bookshelf guide: https://bookshelf.americanpayroll.org/how-to-use-apas-ebook-platform/1 APA Bookshelf 60-minute tutorial webinar: https://ebiz.americanpayroll.org/ebusiness/Education/ViewClass.aspx?ClassID=5353 User tips are emailed monthly and reproduced on the back pages of Payroll Currently and PayState Update. CUSTOMER SERVICE Q. Who do I contact if I have a question about the APA Bookshelf? A. Please call APA Customer Service at 210-224-6406 or send an email to customerservice@americanpayroll.org. (Rev. 04-07-21) APA BOOKSHELF Frequently Asked Questions
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