Printed for: APA Bookshelf © 2022 American Payroll Institute, Inc. All Rights reserved. From: APA Digital Publications ( 1 How to Use the APA Bookshelf The APA Bookshelf is APA’s online payroll compliance and research-ready library. Here you will find many of APA’s professional compliance publications, either in collections or as standalone products. With Payroll Source Plus®, subscribers have access to the APA’s most robust collection of payroll compliance resources, including four essential APA texts plus an e-newsletter on the latest state and local payroll compliance news: The Payroll Source® (two versions: one that is updated throughout the year and a study guide) Federal Payroll Tax Laws & Regulations Federal Payroll Non-Tax Laws & Regulations APA’s Guide to State Payroll Laws PayState Update (current year issues and an archive of the past year) If you have a subscription to The Payroll Source® Online, you have access to the two versions of The Payroll Source® only. If you have a subscription to another publication only or PayState Update, you have access to the publication or newsletter only. If you navigate to a publication that is not included in your subscription, you will receive a message telling you that you can gain instant online access to the publication with a link to learn more and purchase online. Payroll Currently APA members can access their monthly newsletter covering payroll compliance news and issues and “Inside Washington.” An archive of the past year is also available. Payroll Currently is free to members as a benefit of APA membership. Logging In To access the APA Bookshelf, go to APA’s bookshelf at You can either click “Log In” at the top or select a publication by hovering over its cover and selecting the hyperlinked title. You will be prompted to enter your APA ID or User Name and your password. You can also select “My Bookshelf” at the top to see the content that is available to you under your subscription. There is a link within each book cover to that publication.
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