Printed for: APA Bookshelf © 2022 American Payroll Institute, Inc. All Rights reserved. From: APA Digital Publications ( 4 Search and Advanced Search APA’s publications can be searched directly from the reader by entering a term in the search box at the top of the publication’s page. You can select any publication that you have purchased or have a subscription to (including Payroll Currently, which is an APA membership benefit) to search. This includes the ability to search within multiple publications. For APA’s Guide to State Payroll Laws, users can narrow search result by state or states. Search results are sorted by relevance or title and page. The search and advanced search screens contain tips to help you narrow your results using special search characters. For required terms, use a plus sign before each required term (e.g., +regular +rate +pay, +paid +leave). To exclude terms, use a minus sign before each excluded term (e.g., +dependent -care, health -care). Use an asterisk to find a root word plus all variations made by adding an asterisk anywhere after the first letter in the term (e.g., reimburs* will return results for reimburse, reimbursed, reimburses, reimbursement compens* will return results for compensated, compensation, compensable, compensatory, compensability). Enclose a phrase in double quotation marks to limit results to an exact match (e.g., “nonqualified deferred compensation”). Printing Payroll Source Plus publications. Use the Print button at the top of the reader to print material from the publications. There is no limit to the number of pages you print or how many times you can print from the publications. Since these publications are in responsive design format (for improved viewing and searching), they print like web pages. Page breaks vary depending on the publication: The Payroll Source® (updated version)—each subsection can be printed. If the subsection is more than one page, you can choose which pages you want to print or print all the pages in that subsection. Federal Payroll Tax Laws & Regulations and Federal Payroll Non-Tax Laws & Regulations—print each code section and each regulation. When printing pages of the publications, be sure the sidebar Table of Contents is not shown. Otherwise, copy will be cut off.
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