4 www.americanpayroll.org PRINTING Q. Can I print from the online publications? A. Yes. You can print directly from the e-reader or you can download and print certain publications, including The Payroll Source® study guide version, Payroll Practice Fundamentals, APA’s Guide to Local Payroll Taxes, APA’s Guide to Federal and State Garnishment Laws, APA’s Guide to Federal and State Wage & Hour Laws, Payroll Currently, and PayState Update. For more information about printing, see the How to Use the APA Bookshelf guide at https://bookshelf.americanpayroll.org/how-to-use-apas-ebook-platform/4. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, RENEWAL, AND COST Q. Does my annual one-year subscription start at the beginning of a calendar year (January 1), when I purchase it, or when I first use it? A. Your one-year subscription begins when you purchase it. It is not based on the calendar year or when you first start using your subscription. For example, if you purchased your subscription on July 1, 2021, but do not use it until July 10, 2021, you will still have access only through June 30, 2022. Q. How do I know the expiration date for my subscription? A. Your profile on the APA website (log in to americanpayroll.org required) includes a feature called “My Subscriptions” that allows you to easily see your subscriptions and their expiration dates. You can also consult your purchase email or call APA Customer Service. Q. If I renew my subscription before it ends, will the new subscription date begin with the renewal date or the end date of the previous subscription? A. A renewed subscription begins when the previous subscription ends. For example, if your subscription runs through June 30, but you renew in May, the new subscription will expire at the end of the following June. You are not penalized for renewing early. Q. Is there a discount for renewing my subscription? A. When you renew your subscription to Payroll Source Plus® before your expiration date, you can save an additional 15%. Your discount is reflected in your cart at check out. The 15% offer does not apply to multi-user licenses. Q. Is there an auto-renewal feature I can use for my subscriptions so I have uninterrupted access? A. Yes. To set up auto-renewal, log in to your account on the APA website and view your account. Click on “My Subscriptions.” From there, select the subscription you would like to have auto-renewal for. You will then see a toggle button that will allow you to turn the auto-renewal feature on. Once auto-renewal is selected, you will receive an email confirming your enrollment. You will be sent a notice 30 days in advance of your renewal date. The Auto-Renewal Terms and Conditions explain more about how the feature works. APA BOOKSHELF Frequently Asked Questions
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